Apr. 13, 2013

FB *Karadayi for English Speakers* - Ep26 in English

1st part:
Aftermath of the shooting:

Mahir: Father, are you OK?
Nazif: Yes. Are you?
M: Yes. … the ambulance…hurry!
M: Bahar, are you ok? Are you hurt? Go in, drink some water.
Feride: Salih?! Salih!?
Turgut: Feride! Thank God, Are you ok? You are not hurt?
Feride: Turgut, leve me alone, I am calling for Salih! Did you see Salih? Where is Salih? Answer me Turgut! Where is he?
F: Salih thank God you are ok.
M: I am fine…they shot him! Imagine this! They didn’t want him to give the testimony. He was a key witness and now he is dying! Think about it! Geveze knew who was a murderer and he was going to tell it.
F: Calm down Salih. We will talk to him later….he is not important, all I care is that you are not hurt.
M: I am fine…you go inside. ….are they coming?

Mehmet Saim and Cetin talk about meeting the guy from internal affairs in hope to find out who is Salih Ipek.

Turgut tells Mahir he is not surprised by the shooting…bullets are the way of communication in the world of criminals. Mahir says he doesn’t care about that, but he will find out who and why they did this. Turgut sarcastically tells him thank God, bullets missed Mahir….he could have been killed to.

Feride wants Bahar to go to the doctor, she is very stressed...."it was not easy to see all those bullets flying”. Mahir is again stressing the point of somebody not wanting Geveze to testify, and she agrees to look into it.


Erdal: Brother, if you don’t feel good, please tell me, wecan call adoctor.
Nazif: I am fine, Erdal. I was more afraid for Mahir….ifsomething happened to him while saving me, I couldn’t forgive myself.

They talk about Geveze being shot, and hope he will be fine.But it is clear to them whoever is behind all this will not stop and will dowhatever it takes.

Mahir –Feride in her office

Mahir is saying since Geveze was shot, there is no point to have a hearing. Feride says she will wait for the word about his condition and than make a decision.

The judges in Feride's office: how is that possible? They shoot in front of the court? These people are aggressive!

Bahar and Mahir:

Bahar: It is so scary to go thru that, bullets flying over your head like that, I hope the old man doesn’t die, I hope he does’t have a heart attack. I say, we should take some sugar and water and something to eat to him.
Mahir: Yes, that is a good idea.
Bahar: OK, I am going to the kitchen to get it for him.
Mahir: Bahar, I have something to do downstairs so I will do it myself, you rest.
Bahar: You are very kind Mahir, thank you.

Bahar stays in office thinking…..

Turgut on the phone with Necdet:

Turgut: Didn’t I say: after they leave the police station?That no one gets hurt? That you end it completely?
Necdet: You did sir, but something happened and the guy chased them after they left, we couldn’t leave the work unfinished till tomorrow, and what is the difference? Court of police station? So we did it.
Turgut: I could have been hurt! Many people got hurt; let me know when that guy gives himself in to the police!

Mahir goes in room where Nazif is kept:

Mahir: I am a lawyer in training, Feride hanum the judge, asked me to bring this to the prisoner because of what he went thru, I have some private questions to ask him so please leave us alone. Father...
N: put your life in front of mine, you know I never saw my father, but God gave me a brave son, who later became my brother,and father, and now my life companion. Our God knows when it is time for me to go, so please don’t stop that. God loves me that He gave me a son like you.
M: Baba, I am most proud to be your son, to have a father like you.
N: Son, I lived my life, and got the chance to have a family, now it is you turn to have a family.
M: Baba I would never do anything differently.
N: Then promise me you will never do what you did today,please do not take my son away from me. (these two are so good they made me cry)
N: now tell me why you came, not because I am hungry, I guess.
M: Geveze was going to tell who the killer is and who kidnapped Nazif. Now they shut him up.
N: you did what you could, let whatever part of the truth come out, the rest is fate, to bow your head to fate sometimes sets you free.

Mahir in tears says he will go see how far the court session will be postponed.

Turgut telling the other attorney not to postpone the session, that Geveze wasn’t important to this case. Attorney says Nihan is here and he will do what he can to not delay the case.

Mahir in Feride's office:

F: Geveze was an important witness, we will postpone for a week to make sure he recovers. I discussed with the judges and will tell the attorney.
M: you thought right.
F: Salih, you were outside and i heard the shots, the minutes became years until i realized you were ok, it was very scary.
M: Feride, we are in court, you will get mad at me.
F: life is short, let what will happen, happen. Hesitantly tries to kiss her, then: knock knock..

New prosecutor says, he hopes he isn’t disturbing them, Geveze wasn’t important and doesn’t want to delay the case,
F: you have a new witness?
H: yes one who would shed the light on why Nazif killed Suleyman.
F: Salih, please let the people at the writer's desk know.

Bulent leaves and Ilknur says she cant forgive him.


Erdal: we need to postpone the session because a very important witness was shot today and we would like to continue when he has recovered.

Prosecutor: we have a witness that would shed the light on the relationship between Suleyman and Nazif…. it is Nihan Altun, the lover of Mr. Suleyman, she is also known as Kadar Altun, Nazif's ex wife and mother of his oldest son, Mahir (o.O) we believe this is crime of honor.

Nihan has left the court, but attorney insists on continuingthe court.

Erdal: we would like to know why the attorney didn’t take a formal, written interrogation of what Mrs. Nihan had to say, and what documentshe has to prove such a relationship. Attorney provided the documents containing Nazif and Kadar's marriage, that she is still known as Kadar and hasn’t changed her name yet

Nazif outburst: These are all lies, he never met her after he was sentenced, the he had no idea of her relationship with Suleyman. Attorney says she has been in touch with him,writing letters to him and to Mahir every three months, is he sure he never met them after he left jail?

Nazif tells the court he never opened or read the letters,his son never knew about these letters. Mahir walks out of court thinking how his uncle's (amce's) wife told him his mother doesn’t love him, she chose her family after his father killed her brother (dayi).

Turgut walks in Feride'soffice saying the he would have never thought about this story mamafi!!! if he sat 40 years thinking mamafi he would never come up with something like that(loool) then she want to call Salih to the discussion and he gets upset:

T: Feride I see you are back on good terms with Salih, you don’t value yourself, look at your beautiful hands, why do you give them to someone who doesn’t value them.
F: you are engaged, please worry about your fiancé and let me worry about my happiness.
T: I just said this because we have been friends for years.

Erdal and Mahir walking:

E: if Nazif never opened the letters we can prove he is innocent but where are these letters.
M: lets go ask him.
E: too late, he is probably now back in jail and it is not a time for visits, lets sit and talk here...

Necdet is mad at Ibo for not caring what Osman is doing or how he is taking care of himself.

Songul wants to talk to Osman, he says: what will you tell me? That you will open your heart to love the police officer again? That I should forget you and move on?

Songul: how do you know?

O: I have written your words inside my heart, hadi eyvallah...(btw: i love this "good-bye")

Kerime hanum is telling Turgut(on the phone) why he got engaged and now Feride left the house, and they are going thru hard times.

T: this engagement is an accident, why didnt you tell me she still loves him? my love now looks at her lover with those eyes that i love! where is she staying?

Kerime hanum: may be she is staying at Salih's house (o.O)

Turgut tries to get out of Bahar where Feride is staying,Bahar doesnt say anything. Umit bey offers to help since he has a daughter too.

Mahir goes to meet Nihan, he meets his sister and she says she knows him from before. (OOOPsss! forgot to mention that Nihan, aka, Mahir's mom, has a daughter from Suleyman, which makes her Mahir's sister!!!)

Nihan goes out to meet him, he tries to introduce himself as Salih but she knows him. She goes inside and her daughter says the killer will pay for pay for what he made us go thru.

Feride is driving by, sees Salih and asks why he didnt tell her he is coming here, he says dont ask, and the woman isnt in her house anyways. She askes him in the car why he is upset and he answers to stop asking questions

F: Why don’t you look at me, are you crying?
M: Why would I cry, where did this come from!? Come on!
F: I'm sorry.
M: (kissing her hand) actually I should apologize.
M: Feride I want to hold your hand till my last breath.
F: Salih, why would you say such a thing?
M: Please do not call me Salih.
F: Well, what should I call you?
M: I am mixing things up, I don’t even know who am I anymore..( leans on her shoulder)
F: I love you! The past is not important. Love has no name,no identity. It only takes two hearts that beat with love. And we have this.

Turgut at Necdet's place receives phone call the Geveza isstill alive.

T: still alive with 9 lives, he will talk as soon as he wakes up.
N: Sir, he shouldn’t wake up.
T: the hospital is boiling with police, Hakime hanum wants him alive, how are you planning on killing him?
Necdet promises to do something, Turgut hands him a gift, a watch.
T: you have earned this gift Necdet.
N: you came here to be upset at me, now you give me a present?
T: I am a fair man Necdet, maybe you made a mistake, but you hit the snake in the eye, you found a person that will help us a lot. The mother of that dog Mahir is Nihan, the lover of Suleyman, come on put on that watch,you deserve it.

Mahir and Feride stop at the water fountain:
F: here take this, it will help with you headache.
M: forgive me, i upset you too
F: not important, i just want you to feel better.
M: lets go to the hospital, Geveza might be awake to tell us who the killer is.
F: no we should go to the court to investigate the new witness. everything that happened in court today makes sense, the real killer is Nazif Kara
M: this is a big coincidence
F: such coincidences dont happen even in movies, now you think it is a coincidence Nazif went instead of his son, saw the dead judge who happens to be with his ex wife, and held on to the muderer weapon. Mahir you accuse me of being blind sometimes but now you are acting blind
M: in my heart this man Nazif Kara is innocent, so i am going to the hospital
F: I will come with you, you may also be right, i am just trying to do my job
M: you are doing your job just fine.

2nd part

Turgut visits Kader (Nihan) and says he is disappointed she didn’t stay when he has been fighting for the man she loved. She says she was scared and thought the court would be delayed. Then she asks who Salih is.

Turgut: Did this trainee come here then? He is someone who meddles in other people's business; he is a nobody, just listen to what I tell you and do it. Do not disappoint me!

Songul is at the hospital telling Yasin he is a very nice policeman (cheese alert here), Yasin sees Mahir coming and puts Songul in the room. Mahir and Feride wish him to get better and Feride excuses herself to see Geveze.

M: You got shot for us and we never came to visit you brother, you are as dear to me as Orhan, but it is chaotic out there for us now.

Songul is shocked at the conversation.

Y: So is that how it is? We stay in prison for 2 days and the world goes chaotic?
M: Brother, it is like an earthquake and we are in the middle of it
Y: This Geveze is a liar and a crook, he would have probably came to court to mock you or to make it worse for your father, maybe it is better like this
M: He was my last hope..

Feride is told by the doctor that if Geveze makes it thru the next 24 hours, then he might survive. She tells this to Mahir, and asks how Yasin got hurt, he says traffic accident.

After they leave, Songul says: you are friendly with my brother?

Y: We are not enemies
S: He called you brother, my brother never calls anybody a brother, if he does, then he means it, he isn’t joking, he doesn’t ever joke about these things..

Nazif and Daylan in prison

D: I am tired of seeing you like this and not saying anything, I was in your place for 5 years.
N: Do you have "black milk"( drink)?

Dalyan calls his "waiter" in prison, which happens to be a very well-mannered and professional one too (lool) to set a table for them.

N: 30 years ago, when I went to prison, when I met you,someone put clothes on my son to make him look like homeless nobody, his mother used to wrap him in cotton, but her hatred made her motherhood disappear, my son waited for me in my brother's house, imagine, he has 7 kids, in that house there is poverty, there is hunger, there is disease, every night I wondered if Mahir found something to eat, if he found a pillow to put his head on……. he stayed there like a refugee.. They said he was in a shirt and pants, throughout the winter, I left Mahir's hand for 5 years..
N: After I left prison, I took Mahir and we came here, then Kader's brother found out, and followed us here to make it a blood revenge case, I had to lock up Mahir in the coal room for three days, in the dark and cold…….. After that, he never mentioned his mother again, as if she died.
N: As if it is not enough what she did to my son, she came out in front of me, with the deceased Suleyman, can you believe Dalyan, they were together and they have a daughter, Mahir's half sister, now who do I go to? Who would believe me?
N: If hakime hanum looks in my eyes and breaks the pencil(pronounce me guilty), who would question her? The story has been well knit,and I am suspecting even myself, and have no one to rely on..

Feride and Mahir arrive at Bahar's house, when they realizeher father is there, Mahir wants to talk to him to make up the father daughter relationship (o.O)

The father tells Feride if she doesn’t leave this man and come with him he will erase her from his life, and from the Sadoglu family, he will make her worse than Melih.
F: Bahar, sorry we occupied your house, thank you for your hospitality. She turns to leave and her father says: if you turn your back tome, you are gone to me forever.
F: You turned your back to me first.

Outside, Mahir: will you come with me?

Turgut goes to kill Geveze….he is so creepy with the gloves(did they have those kind in the ‘70es?) and the pillow, and the pencil, and the pulse checking!!! Yuck!!! By this point, I had enough of Turgut, they should really tone it down a little!

Erdal and Ayten scene (or how I like to call it: “karma is a bitch, baby” :D )

E: I have to leave now
A: Let me get you more tee
E: Thank you, I had some at Mahir's house
A: Can I ask you a question, Mahir and hakime hanim, are they still together?
E: Do you want me to answer this truthfully? Mahir is in love with her, he will love her till his death, you need to accept this, you took and old man, Nazif, purposely to make him see Mahir with hakime hanim, but Nazif is a sensitive man, and didn’t cause a problem, Mahir explained his love to his father, now you need to accept it, move on with your life, you are young and beautiful, and forget this love.(hehehehe)

Mahir and Feride at Kostas house

M: The room is ready for you, and I will sleep here. Auntie's nightgown looks good on you (!)
F: For the first time, I don’t have a place to stay,betrayed by the person I trusted the most, he said he will erase me from his life, can the family be erased?
M: You can erase anyone from your life, even your lover,except family. You can forget them, you think you don’t love them anymore, but then, with a very small act, the memories come rushing back and you realize they never left you. So no, you can’t erase family.
M: One day, they appear in front of you and everything spins in your head, do what you want, you cannot erase family from your heart.
F: I hope you are right Salih, I have one father in this world. Salih!? Did you hear what I just said?

Necdet-Bulent-Orhan miserable SOB’s not worth mentioning!

Mahir and Feride continues..

F: This is the longest we have been together and silent
M: Forgive me, what would you like me to do? I can go buythings and we can eat, or I can bring wood for the fire and hopefully it won’t smoke this time.
F: No, if you leave, I will be all alone, don’t go.
M: Feride, my brother asked me once what love is, I didn’t know what love was then, and haven’t tasted it, I said then: it must be the best thing in the world, what I said was too little for what love really is. Since you came into my life, I wake up every day with a wonderful feeling; it is now wonderful to smile at life because you exist, because I can meet you in the evenings. With you, everything is so beautiful, Feride.
F: I love you very much, never leave me
M: You never leave me, never turn your back to me, the sunwill stop shining, if you do.
F: Names aren’t important anymore, you are the only one I want, let whatever will happen, happen now..
M: Feride..
F: You don’t love me?
M: It can’t be, my dreams for us are different.
M: When the time comes, and if you are still mine, and if I am still here (pointing to her heart), I will make a world for both of us where there are no lies or evil, just give me some time please.
M: Why are you shy, doe eyed one?
F: My grandma used to say: every love, just like every person, has a fate, with ours, there is some barrier, I am always the one to bend down and then get turned down, since our first kiss.
M: Let us forget our fate tonight, my breath with your breath, and me inhaling your scent, I am a happy man.
M: Dear God, make this girl mine, and her fate my fate..
F: Good morning, want eggs and tomatoes?
M: I have some work to do, and need to leave early, see you at court.

Erdal-Mahir waiting for Nazif in jail

Erdal: You did not come home last night.
Mahir: Feride left her home.
Erdal: Realy? Why?
Mahir: Because of me. She learned that her father threatened me not to go to the birthday party. At first she was suborn in her refusal to go back home, then the minister forced her to choose.
Erdal: Do not tell me that she chose you?
Mahir: She chose Salih. Not knowing who he was, not knowing his real name. Who knows what goes through her mind. Going to a strange house.Looking at me like a scared kid. She looked just like me when I was a 5 years old. Left without anyone in the world to believe things that were all lies. She is looking at me, waiting for me to tell her something. Expecting me to hold her hand, to never leave her alone. She wants me to assure her that she did not make a wrong choice. Last night I have not slept, brother. These things went completely out of my control. Feride has wounds that I cannot heal. I can’t do it like this. Yet, I am all she has in her life now, right?

Erdal: What will you do?

Mahir: First I need to straighten things around the case, to release my father and very soon tell her that I'm Mahir Kara.

Feride-Bahar in courthouse

Feride: Bahar, Salih protect me, did not leave me alone. I was wrong about him. I am very happy.
Bahar: Where is he now?
Feride: He had something to do.
Bahar: I hope he went to see his family. This situation must now get serious. Otherwise, there is no escape from Mr. Minister. Last night after you left, he screamed, shouted, then apologized and went away.
Feride: I am very sorry Bahar.
Bahar: Feridecim, don’t worry. I was just thinking about you. Salih now has to take a right step and to do what should be done, you can quickly organize the wedding. After these events. …Why? Because you chose him against your father, should not leave you on the street (stranded). Moreover, he should think of your honor. You need to get married.

Turgut shows up to say Geveze died during the night.

Nazif, Mahir and Erdal talking in jail. Nazif is telling about the letters, he hasn’t opened a single one, hasn’t seen one sentence. He tells Mahir that the first letter came when he was very young, then he waited till he was done with his military service, but the day he came back, he called Safiye: “mom”, so his heart didn’t let him give Mahir the letters. The letters are in a bag in the garden, in the well, Erdal and Mahir are going to get them.

Ayten is looking for Necdet, she wants a new direction in life, wants to be a singer for good, and doesn’t care what Mahir says anymore….Necdetis a happy man!

Mehmet Saim meets the guy from the internal affairs. He tells him he never laid his eyes on that guy, he doesn’t work for him, he knows all his people, and the guy from the picture is not one of them. Mehmet Saim is confused and they are wondering who is Salih Ipek.

Erdal and Mahir open the old well, but no letters!!!! Who took them???? Next Monday, please come on Friday! :D

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