Apr. 5, 2013

Ep25 Translated! FB*Karadayi for English speakers*

Turgut-Feride at the police station:

T:See?!! … apparently this Nazif Kara is not what we thought he is!! … he turned out to be the total opposite, a professional criminal and he brilliantly deceived us! … he made us believe he is an innocent man!! … yet … we still have time to do something about it and stop his evil plan …
F: I don’t know Turgut! … things are not making much sense for me! … I can’t believe we were mistaken about the man to this extent! …
T:listen Feride! I am not the first prosecutor on this case anymore but no matter what, this case will affect both our names and reputations … It is already been prolonged more than it is expected … now imagine to admit that we knew these information and still we did not take any precautions we will have the whole juridical system against us … they will be accusing us of misjudgment …if these accusations turned out to be true and Nazif Kara was really planning to escape we will be the first to be blamed for letting this happen!! … let them bring the man back to jail … there is no other option!!
F: But what if Nazif Kara was really innocent?
T: If he is really innocent … his innocence will eventually be proven!!
F: … I don’t know Turgut … the hearing will take place in the coming two days … I will decide whether to bring him back to prison or not at that time but not now! …Good Night!
T: So you are ready to take responsibility in the worst case scenario?
F: Turgut!! … I don’t like it when you hint for things … if you have something to say, say it clearly!!
T: I do not have the right to tell you what to do! … but we were informed that Nazif Kara is planning to escape …
F: Yes but the person who said that is a gangster (she meant that he is not someone reliable he could be a liar)
T: But this gangster provided evidence for all his claims … you just cannot ignore that the possibility of Nazif Kara escape plan can be true! You just cannot walk away pretending you never heard this!! Think Feride!! … what if that claim was true? … what if Nazif Kara really escaped? Can you take the risk all on your own responsibility? … I cannot do that … and if one day we were officially questioned because of that, I cannot stand by your side knowing that you made wrong decision … and you would do the same if you were in my place! …remember I voted to set him free while on trial, and now using the same juridical logic, I want to know if you are going to bring him back to jail or not!

At home Bullent was still insisting of leaving the house after the argument he had with Mahir last episode. Nazif Baba stepped in and solved the problem.

Feride left Turgut and decided to take a walk.

Mehmet knew that Melih overheard them talking with his mother about Feride and Salih and threatened Melih not to tell anything about that to Feride!

Salih called Feride at home and talked to her mother. She told him that Feride is not at home and that she does not want to talk to him anymore and hung up the phone.

Necdet was entered to prison by Turgut for no clear reason and then was set free by Turgut as well (we did not know what was the purpose of this O.o anyway who cares right? hehehe) but in one of Necdet-Turgut useless chats Necdet suggested to kill Mahir to get over with all the problems. Turgut was against this suggestion saying that this will not help their plans, on the contrary, it could work against them given the current situation.

Feride-Mahir at cay bahce

Mahir’s legs led him to their place ;) hehehehe … Ahhh!! Same happened to Feride hehehe. Feride told the waiter that she is there to have a cup of coffee but was shocked to see Salih sitting there drinking, leaving her all worried about him:
M: Feride!!...
F: How silly and stupid was I?!?? … I was so worried about you … I thought something bad happened to you … I couldn’t sleep the whole night … I even called Yasin to check on you … I thought you were dead!! … you promised you were coming then when you did not come and did not call I said something definitely happened to you that prevented you from even calling me… I spent the whole time praying you are sound and safe!! … but I am the stupid one!! … Mashalla you look more than OK!! You are so well that you are enjoying yourself and having a drink!!
M: Feride! Please let us talk!
F: Let go of me!
F: Let go! .. don’t touch me!!
Feride decided not to have a cup of coffee anymore but to have a drink instead!! …hehehe I love angry Feride ;)
… Mahir waited till she calms down a bit, then joined her table:
F:Please leave my table! … I did not expect to see you here, and if I knew I’ll find you here, I would have not come!
M: Feride! … I know you are angry with me, but please listen to me!
F: and why would I be angry with you Salih? … there is nothing to be angry with … you just promised me and did not fulfill your promise … you did not even give excuses and disappeared the next day … nothing to be angry with … then having this as your last concern, you came to enjoy your time and have a little drink alone … cheers!!
M: Take it easy Feride!
F: This is none of your business! … you are not the only one leading a difficult life with the right to drink Salih bey!!!
M: Don’t do that Feride at least listen to me! Aren't you curious to know what happened?
F: My curiosity vanished when I found you here … drinking!! …
M: I did not come here to have fun! … I was so upset that I couldn’t call you or explain my excuses to you! … because I missed you so much!! … I came here because it is the only place where I feel happy … here I feel you are beside me …
F: These words don’t affect me anymore Salih! … unfortunately I discovered that these words are fake!
M: I swear I am so angry and frustrated right now!! … the last thing I want to do is to disappoint you Feride! … please believe me when I tell you I love you! …please!!! … why did you come here?
F: I told you!! You are not the only one having a bad day!

F: Come on explain! I am listening why you did not come? … leave it please!!
M: You drank too much!! …
F: It is not for you to decide … you lost the right to make any decision related to me …
M: Ah!!Patience!!! … so stubborn!! Melih is so right!! … you only need your broom Miss Witch!!
F: You cannot make it up to me by playing funny!! … you made a big mistake, and you deserve what you are getting!! …
M: I wish I had control to write our own fate!!
F: I am fed up with this broken record Salih! either you explain why you did not show up or get up from my table!!
M: …,…., we lived an awful night my family and I the other day … we were all devastated … I had to stand by them I couldn't leave them that’s why I couldn’t come! … I know I disappointed and upset you … I left you in a bad situation with your father I am so sorry Feride! … I wish it was in my hands!!
F: What happened? Is someone sick?
Mahir nodded …
F: What then? … what happened Salih?!
Confused Mahir doesn’t know what to say!! … he just doesn’t want to lie to her …
M: Feride!! …
F: Yes Salih! tell me!! … what’s it all about Salih?

M: I cannot explain … I am sorry
F: I don’t understand!! … why you cannot explain?!!
M: I cannot explain Feride!! .. please stop asking me questions!!! … it has to do with my family I cannot say!!
F: it is personal yani!! … Aahh!! I understand now!! ... you are telling me it is personal and it is none of my business!! … anyway I don’t care …
Furious Feride sipped her last drink and then addressing the waiter: … the check please!!
M: Feride!!Wait please … please wait … let’s talk!! Where are you going!?
… Feride left … Mahir ran after her …
M: Feride!! … please … Feride!!
F: Please let go!!
M: Please listen to me!!
F: Look at us!! … I am planning to introduce you to my family … and you are refusing to share something related to your family with me as if telling me it is personal and not of my business!! … who am I to you Salih?! what do you consider us?
M: You are my love!!
… Feride left crying!!
M: Feride!!
F: Don’t come after me Salih!! please leave me alone! … if it is so, then why you cannot explain what happened the other night??!!
M:Because I do not want to lie to you (Mahir is making it worse with his confusion and stupid answers Uff!! yaaa … I am angry with Mahir hehehehe) …please believe me!!
F: Salih!! … please leave me … just get out of my life the same way you entered it… I am not able to leave, so you leave!! … please!!
M: My LOVE!! … My Feride!! … I LOVE you like crazy!! … please believe only this if you cannot believe anything else … you have every right to doubt my words but please I beg you, not to give up on my love!! … it is my only TRUTH!! (ehem!! I loved his words ;) I am not angry at him anymore lool heheheh)

Aaand the KISS!! hehe … followed by a hug!! … and a hair smell lool (Girls!! we should ask Feride about her Shampoo there is a secret in her Shampoo apparently;) Mahir just cannot resist to smell her hair hehehehe)

M: …don’t go like this Feride!! … you are drunk!!
F: Let me go! It is not of your business!! …
M:Please do not go all alone like this … we’ll go together!!
F: … let go!!
M: Please Feride!!
Feride got into the car telling herself not to dare and look back!!

in the meantime they arrested Nazif Baba and took him back to jail :(

Osman-Songul at the hospital:

S:Osman?! What are you doing here?
O:Nothing serious I fell and hit my forehead! … forget about me, how are you?
S: We found little Nazif!! … you won’t believe it, my brother and that policeman found him!!
S: and he took a bullet for us!
O: A real HERO yani!!
S:Anyway! I should go … my brother woke up and is asking for water … see you tomorrow!
O: See you …
Osman talking to himself: See you Songul!! I’ll keep my dreams that our impossible love can come true one day!!

Feride went back home and Melih told her that Salih did not come the other night because her father warned and threatened him. Feride threw a big fight with her father because of that and left the house! She is staying at Bahar’s place!

Feride-Mehmet Saim, the fight.

F: What did you do dad? How could you do this to me?! On topof it, you made those comments! You said, if he doesn’t come. He doesn’t careabout you!
MS: I am still standing behind my words, he couldn’t face melike a man.
F: You are disappointing me dad.
MS: I don’t want you to be in contact with him! You don’thave my permission! You are not going to say even “Hello” to him!
F: I thought there were an equality, love and faith betweenus in this house. But, I was mistaken. You pretend to respect me all this time,but my choices really don’t exist to you.
MS: I am not just anybody. Whoever is with you doesn’t just concernyou, they also concern me. You didn’t’ fell out of a tree, you have a father!And whatever I say will be done on this subject.
F: I am not one of your employees. You can’t order me likethis!
MS: Feride! Feride!

When Mahir went back home he knew that they arrested his father again and that the arrest order was signed by Feride! Mahir went to see Feride and knew from Melih that she had a fight with her father because he threatened him and she left the house!

Turgut called the address given in the file for Nazif Kara ex-wife Mrs Kadar Alton. The woman who answered the phone said that Kadar is her aunt (fahter’s sister) and that she left Trabzon and is now settled in Istanbul and gave him an address. Turgut discovered that the address she gave him is the same address of Nihan Hanim! (I soo wanted to break my laptop screen on his laughing face!! grrrrrr!!!)

Mahir couldn’t sleep the whole night and was there waiting for Feride from the very early morning!

F: Good Morning Salih!
M: Good morning! … I was waiting for you … can we talk?
F: Yes!… I am sorry for last night … I was a little tough on you … but I found out everything when I got home! … Why you did not say that it is because of my father?… you did not come because he did not want you to come, right? You do not come to where you are not invited, I should have expected this! … I hope I did not hurt you with what I said yesterday!
M: People don’t get hurt by the people they love!! … no matter how harsh your words were they will always remain soft and lovely to me!!
F: I apologize to you for what my father did!
M: No problem! … he is your father and I should respect him!
F: Did you really forgive me?
M: I did not get upset with you to forgive you!! … I went to see you after that yesterday but you had already left home … Melih said you left home because of what happened … I do not want you to be upset with your family because of me Feride! … please
F: I cannot forgive my father for what he did! … he was lying to me while looking me in the eyes …
M: I want to ask you something Feride! .. I just found out that you issued a warrant to arrest Nazif Kara again! … is that true? Why?
F: I did not want to do that but I was left with no other choice!
M: But why?
F: Let’s go inside I’ll explain everything to you!

At Feride’s office:

F: Nazif Kara wants to take advantage of the situation so he sent his lawyer to my office to claim that they kidnapped his grandson and were threatening him, whereas the reality is that Ahmet Geveze kidnapped the child because of the gambling debt of his son in law!
M: Are you sure about that?
F: Yes. Ahmet Geveze confessed when he was arrested!
M: Who would kidnap the kid for money?
F: Apparently the debt is so big … Bulent Teryaki had to give them the ownership of his shop in the market place to close the debt! And this is the proof! … and that is not all, Orhan Kara is the right hand of Daylan, and he is managing all his finances. God knows I did not like this kid from the very first minute I saw him! …
M: But maybe all this are lies Feride! We know that Orhan Kara just came back from the military how could he have worked with Daylan in such a short time?
F: I thought exactly the same thing, but apparently he is working with him!
M: Allah Allah my brain is about to explode from where all this came out?
F: They hid all these information from us Salih!
M: And did you arrest Nazif Kara because of this? Because you started doubting their honesty?
F: Well I started doubting their honesty yes! But this is not the reason I brought Nazif Kara back to jail! … someone made a statement!
M: What statement!
F: Nazif Kara is planning to escape!
M: What escape? How?
F: Ahmet Geveze heard this by himself! He said he heard Mahir Kara saying he will make his father escape! … to avoid the risk of this claim being true I arrested him!
M: Feride! There must be an explanation for all this!
F: What explanation Salih! apparently the Kara family are not the good people we thought they are … actually I am surprised how could I have believed a man who was previously condemned for a murder! And I believed his family! But as you can see, these facts tell a totally different story!!
M: Feride!! … I want to ask you a question …
F: Please Salih! … if you are going to defend the Kara family I do not want to hear that! … you were not there and I was the one who heard Ahmet Geveze statement!
M:Feride! … this Mahir Kara … …. And the phone RANG!! hehehe
... F:Yes mother! … please do not interfere in this … I can never forgive someone who was lying to me while looking into my eyes, even if he was my father!! … he was lying to me mother!! … he was lying to me!! … how can I trust him again? …Mother please stop wasting your efforts I will never forgive my dad!!
Those words were so hurtful for poor Salih who decided to leave Feride’s office :(((

Mahir-Erdal talk in the men’s room:

E: So what did Feride say? Why did they arrest your father again?
M: It is a trap Abi!! … according to the claims I will be hiding my father and will be helping him escape …. they planned everything so well to affect Feride’s opinion and my family helped them succeed in their plans …
E: Damn IT!! and I had hopes that everything was close to be solved!!!
M:Nothing will be solved Abi!! … nothing will be solved … there is someone behind this … those who kidnapped little Nazif and those who are trying to change Feride’s opinion are the same people … and I am sure they are the ones who dragged Bulent to gamble … as if it is all part of a plan!!
E: And what should we do now!! Feride’s opinion is very important … we should work on making her believe that this is a trap!!
M: Actually there is only one way to do that!
E: and that is?
M: I will tell Feride the truth!! I will tell her that I am Mahir Kara! … It is the only way to prove that I was there the whole time and all their claims are lies… this is the only way to prove that there is no plan to hide my father and help him escape … and that to escape is the last thing my father would think of!!
E: Did you lose your mind Mahir?
M: Abi there is no other way out of this!! … actually I was about to tell Feride all this if she did not get a phone call!!
E: Thanks GOD she got that telephone call!!
M: Feride should know all this!!
E: Hey MAHHIIR!! … stop … wait … let’s think … your thoughts are cloudy, you are not able to make the right decision right now … just hold on!! … listen, to tell Feride all this, will not help in any way, on the contrary, we will lose everything!! …
M: What do you want me to do Abi!! … I need get my father out of there!!
E: MAAHHIRR!! … you cannot do that by going to Feride and telling her you are Mahir!!… she already started to doubt the Kara’s family honesty, now you want to prove to her that his elder son is one big liar too!! it is not the right time!!!… is she going to believe you after that? … you will not help your father this way … you will blow everything and make her break the pen and condemn your father to death for sure!! … Mahir you have to calm down and think about the trial tomorrow this is the only way to help your father now … don’t do anything crazy OK?
M: There is one more thing!! … someone knows who is the real killer!! … Ahmet Geveze! …I’ll make that piece of shit talk no matter what!

Turgut wants to throw a surprise at the hearing and want to call for a special witness! … he visited Nihan Hanim and told her he knows everything about her truth and wants her to testify in the hearing tomorrow!


T: Mrs.Nihaan! … You look like a wise woman … I can understand people very well because of my job … I know that you are trying tore-build a new life for your daughter and yourself! … but this cannot happen by just forgetting the past … to look forward you have to get rid of the past completely!! Believe me, it is compulsory that you come and testify tomorrow … there is no other way! … when someone reaches the middle of the road he just cannot go back … there is no way back! There is no escape … enough hiding … The man who killed the man youloved is about to escape punishment!! … are you going to let this happen or youonly know how to cry and weep? … Come on, come tomorrow and testify! … let usclose this matter

Nazif Kara wanted to make a phone call to check on his son Orhan, but they did not give him that right and he lost his temper shouting: ’you are not going to kill me here!! … I won’t let you kill me!’

Mahir visited Ahmet Geveze in prison with the help of Yasin and Kemal and with a couple of his famous Osmanly Tokadi he made Geveze promise to tell the truth in the court tomorrow.

Mahir-Geveze talk:

M: No, you said 'Let Mahir Come and I will sing like a bird'(tell him everything)
G: Come on Brother!! Is this legal? … Someone get this man out of here!! …
M: Come here!! … I will teach you what is right and what is wrong … who are you working for? For whom did you get in here? who is making you do all this? SPEAK!!! Dude Who killed the prosecutor? Who is messing with us?
G: I don’t know
M: You know!! … You are one of them!! … They are using you to execute their trap!! Speak!! Why did you tell the Judge that we are making aplan to make my father run away? Who told you to tell all these lies? Who is using you?? SPEAK!! SPEAK!! or I will kill you with my bare hands
G: If I talk they will kill me
M: Do you think that I will leave you alive if you do not speak? Look at me!! … LOOK at me!! … you WILL tell everything Geveze!! … you will tell everything or else I will kill you!!…
G: OK!! … I will speak
M: I am listening!! …
G: Not now!! … At the court, I will say everything in court
M: Are you fooling with me?
G: I will explain everything in court … make sure I get to the court alive and I will tell everything there … If I confess here, there is no recording no official records for what I’ll be saying … Get me to the court and I will explain everything … you have my word of honour!! … And if I don’t say all in court come and find me and do whatever you want …
M: Did you hear that Kemal?
Kamal: Yes, I did brother!! …
M: if you ever think to betray me Geveze ...
G:I swear!! … you have my word of honor … I will explain everything!!…
M: We will meet tomorrow!! … Geveze!
Necdet: Got trapped Geveze? Huh? … I could hear the cracks of your bones up till here … Mahir ate you alive hehe .. let’s see what Turgut has to say about this!!
Geveze then told Turgut about Mahir visit and threatened him to say everything in court if Turgut does not make sure to guarantee him an escape plan! He wants somebody to stop his car on the way to court with the plane ticket, passport and money.....and if this doesn't happen, and he reaches the courthouse, he will talk and tell everything. And that gave Turgut the idea....

Mehmet visited Feride at her office and asked her to go back home! Then told her that if she does not go back home this very night she will not be able to enter that home ever again in her life and he will consider his daughter as dead!!

Mahir ran into Feride’s office to tell her that he saw Ahmet Geveze and that he has a lot to say, and he will tell the truth tomorrow in the court...... when he saw her crying! Feride told Mahir what her father told her and Mahir told her her father is right, and she should go back home. Feride got very angry with Mahir’s reply!

Mahir-Erdal at Erdal's office:

M: If fate did not make us meet like this … I mean, if I can stand up in front of her father as Mahir, I could have fought for her!!! … I could have stood up for her and defended my love even if her father did not approve on me …but now all I could say to her is ‘go back home’!! … I could see it in her eyes… she was screaming from the inside … she wanted me to hold her hand, to stand by her, to support her … and all I could do is to tell her to go back home! … the girl left her father’s house for me, and all I could do is to tell her to go back!! … Ufff Ardel Abi!! … I got so trapped between Salih and Mahir that I don’t know what to do anymore!
E:Listen! Let’s wait till Geveze testify tomorrow and everything else will be ok you’ll see!! Your father will be saved and you will be able to explain everything to Feride! … maybe she will understand your reasons and will be able to forgive you
M: It is a small hope but this is all what I have to hang on … the tiny hope that she will understand my reasons and forgive me!

Bahar-Feride at Bahar’s house:

Feride and Bahar prepared lunch and Feride told Bahar that she is now her friend and she doesn’t want her to call her Feride Hanim when not at court.
B: Of course and you got upset! … you have all right to do so … you fight with your father and leave the house for him and all he can tell you is to go back home?!
F: See?!
B: Feride! I just cannot understand this Salih sometimes …. But believe me he is ready to die for you … believe me it is very clear that he is so in love with you!
F: It is because I know Salih very well that I got upset! … I know that he will throw himself to the rescue of strangers in need … he has no fear … that’s why I was expecting him to stand by me, to stand up against my father and defend our love!! … I don’t know maybe he is not serious about us? Maybe he just want us to be lovers! … anyway let’s eat!!
B: Feride! … you can tell me whatever you want your secrets are in safe hands! …you know maybe Salih is a little cautious because of you!!
F:Because of me?!
B: Well you sometimes are a little …
F: Say it … say it …
B: You sometimes are a little stand-offish (closed off) …
F: But I never felt something like this towards anyone before!! …
B: It is obvious (hehehe) … and you look great together! … I swear I always pray you end up together …

Mahir went home and confronted Orhan and Bulent with what he knew about their actions. He told Bulent to go find himself a new job that the shop is no longer his to work in and warned Orhan that he doesn't want to see him around Necdet ever again or else something really bad will happen between them!

Iliknur overheard them and asked Bulent to leave the house!
(the shop was not Bulent's to give away. They trusted him. Nazif baba bought the shop fot them, but wanted Bulent to put it in his name. So Ilknur told him to take his coat, the only thing in the house that belongs to him, and leave)

Little Nazif is upset because they lied to him and hide that they took his grandfather back to jail.

Mahir went to talk to him:
N Jr: I won’t open the door!
M: This me Dayi!

M: let’s talk about both our sorrows …
M: You are upset because of them?
Little Nazif nodded!!
M:Listen my little boy!! When you get upset with someone always look behind their reasons and intentions! … some people have bad intentions those do not deserve to be forgiven but sometimes bad things happen, despite good intentions … people would be wanting to do good, but just are not able to control everything to your liking … always look behind the reasons and intentions … tamam? … and now give me a big hug!! … may God always put people of good intentions in our way!!

Turgut put all his plans into action for tomorrow’s hearing and took Serra to celebrate his winning tomorrow!!

… AND it is the hearing day … Mahir is waiting out there for his father to come … Feride thought he is waiting for her and got disappointed when he told her he is waiting for Geveze … Turgut is very happy and Mahir suspected why... Nihan Hanim is there to testify … Nazif was brought to court followed by Geveze …Bahar, fed up with Salih behavior towards Feride, went down stairs to have a word with him!!

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